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The process of divination is to open the channels of communication between the meta-intellect of the Universe and ourselves. The skilled Diviner will utilize his or her experiential connection to this energy to tap into that ocean of knowledge for those that they are divining for. To be most effective, the energy should be a three way triangulation...Ifa priest, Client and Orunmila (meta-intellect). The Ifascope that the Foundation has presented each week for more than a decade, is a broader scope connection. The Ifascope is designed for a general understanding of the effective energy necessary for those that share our World View to most successfully navigate the path towards their fulfilling their Destiny. It is both accurate and effective - it will smooth the bumps and improve your life, but it is not meant to replace one on one divination. When serious issues of a career, love, health, children etc. must be dealt with, ONLY a one on one divination with a skilled Diviner can guarantee the right answers and solutions. At the Ifa Foundation, Oluwo Philip Neimark and Iyanifa Vassa are available for personal divinations via phone, e-mail, or in person at our various workshops.

Each week I divine for the most probable path that will lead us towards our Destiny. These paths reflect certain energies that are indicated for us to successfully traverse the two sides of our energy matrix. While each energy applies specifically to either the temporal or spiritual/emotional components, do NOT make the mistake of thinking they are not interrelated.  Ifa, unlike the Western world view, never examines any situation without understanding and integration with the whole of our lives.


Oluwo Philip Neimark

 This week's Ifascope Reading is brought to you by our long time friend Javier Lujan {Ifajuitan}, an Osun priest since 1995, Babalawo since 1998, Oluwo since 2017.

Notice: The weekly Ifascope is usually posted weekly between Thursday and Friday evening.

Reading for week of April 21st - 27th, 2018


Family like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one

 For the third week in the row, Eshu is illuminating aspects of our lives to expand our awareness. He started by showing us things about our relationships, then our health, now the focus shifts to family. Are you paying attention? We often take these areas for granted.

The family is our support system and often includes close friends which have become our extended family. The Yoruba placed much emphasis on the family structure. It was clearly understood that many times in our lives, we depend on them for help, when we are young, when we are old, and many times in between. So, building strong family relationships is essential, and that includes our relationships with our departed ancestors.

The Odu for this week is “Otura Owani” and comes On Path (“Ose Owani”) for Family (“Otura Meji”) with Eshu (“Otura Iroso”) guiding us. The Ebbo (“offering”) is mix berries (“Otura Meji”). In the context of this reading, offering mix berries represent both uniqueness as well as commonality. Unique in the sense that each type of berry (e.g. strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, etc.) has a distinct flavor and appearance, yet they are all berries. It’s the same with our family members, each should be appreciated for their uniqueness as well as for being part of our family.

“Otura Owani” is an Odu that talks about “awareness”, understanding the cosmic order of things, the cycle of life and death, a child growing into adulthood, a person coming to the end of their life on earth. Why is it important to understand cycles? Life moments can pass us by quickly and before we know it, it’s over. Let’s appreciate those moments in life and let’s appreciate those people in our lives. 

Otura on the temporal side indicates a slowing down, or rather a calming down of our mental state. As we do this, Owani on the spiritual/emotional side starts to release blockages that impeded us from getting the most out of life, in this case, allowing us to be closer to our family.

Light a white tea candle, knock 3 times on the floor in front of Eshu, sprinkle some cool water on Eshu. Bring the mix berries up to your forehead to say a prayer, asking for more awareness of your family, think about each member of your family and what makes them unique, ask yourself, do I appreciate and accept who they are? Then lovingly offer the mix berries to Eshu.

Observation for Ifa diviners

·         3rd week in a row for Eshu.  

·         Otura Meji cast twice, for Family and for the Ebbo indicating a strong balanced spiritual connection.

·         Otura for Eshu (“Otura Iroso”), Otura for the main Odu (“Otura Owani”) on the temporal side indicating clarity and clean thoughts.

·         Iroso on the spiritual/emotional side cast for On Path (“Ose Iroso”) and Eshu (“Otura Iroso”) indicating slowing down, prodding through, paying attention to get it right (e.g. measure twice, cut once).

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Love and Blessings!  Javier Lujan {Oluwo Ifajuitan}

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Words of Wisdom...

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The world is forever changing, if we don’t change with it, we’ll get left behind.  Nothing sinister about that, it’s just the reality. The challenge of learning to adapt has always been with us since the dawn of time. Adaptation goes beyond survival, it allows us to thrive, so don’t resist change, embrace it. This week you’ll find yourself dealing with =unexpected changes which will make you feel uneasy and unsure of yourself. Itreally should be an auspicious time but we don’t see it that way because we’re too worry about what’s happening around us.