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The process of divination is to open the channels of communication between the meta-intellect of the Universe and ourselves. The skilled Diviner will utilize his or her experiential connection to this energy to tap into that ocean of knowledge for those that they are divining for. To be most effective, the energy should be a three way triangulation...Ifa priest, Client and Orunmila (meta-intellect). The Ifascope that the Foundation has presented each week for more than a decade, is a broader scope connection. The Ifascope is designed for a general understanding of the effective energy necessary for those that share our World View to most successfully navigate the path towards their fulfilling their Destiny. It is both accurate and effective - it will smooth the bumps and improve your life, but it is not meant to replace one on one divination. When serious issues of a career, love, health, children etc. must be dealt with, ONLY a one on one divination with a skilled Diviner can guarantee the right answers and solutions. 

Blessings!... Oluwo Philip Neimark

Notice: The weekly Ifascope is usually posted weekly between Thursday and Friday evening. 

The week's Ifascope Reading is brought to you by Oluwo Ifajuitan, an Osun priest since 1995, Babalawo since 1998, Oluwo since 2017.

Reading for week of June 23rd - 29th, 2018

Your spirit guides know what you need, even when you don’t" 

There are times in our lives when we go against our best instincts, we over-indulge on food and drinks; abuse our minds and bodies; seek material things we can’t afford; pursue unhealthy relationships; behave badly; neglect our spiritual side. We really should know better, yet temptation gets the better of us sometimes, but sooner or later it all catches up with us. This week we’re seeing some of that.

Having “Free-Will” means that we must also accept the consequences of bad choices that set us on the wrong path. Your ancestors want you to have “better life experiences” than they had, and to learn from their mistakes so that you can advance your chosen destiny. I’m reminded of the saying “We stand on the shoulders of those that have come before us” ….

The Odu for this week is “Otura Meji”, the word “Meji” always implies duality, a mirror image between the temporal and the spiritual. A Meji is an expression of the interconnectedness of all things. Whenever we see a Meji in a reading, it’s significant for it speaks of long-term repercussions, for better or worse, so the direction you set now and the choices you make should be done with great care and wisdom.

A good way to understand a Meji is “As within, so without. As above, so below”. What we think will be expressed or reflected in the world we live in… and the life experiences we have now will determine if we stay on path for our destiny.

We’ll need to make a course correction now for the reading indicates that we’re going Off-Path (“Otura Ogbe”), an indication we’re clouded in doubt, causing us to disconnect spirituality, or losing faith. Perhaps it is our Health (“Oyeku Iroso”) that is dragging us down as there’s an indication of some health concerns.

Strengthen your connection with your Ancestors (“Ogbe Ika”) to see your path clearly as indicated by “Ogbe” on the temporal side and to be refreshed spirituality as indicated by “Ika”.  

Make an Ebbo (“offering”) of Tea and Cookies (“Otura Meji”) and spend quality time with your ancestors, don’t rush it, it’s all about learning to tune in to your ancestors. Talk to them about your life and concerns as if they were sitting right across from you. Enjoy some tea and cookies yourself as the ancestor energy resides within you after all.

Light a white candle on your ancestor altar and place a clear glass of cool water. Place the tea and cookies in front and invoke your ancestor names (if you know it) starting with your guardian ancestor (you can find out who is your guardian through divination), then the most recently deceased family member and so on. For most of us, we know very little of our ancestors to properly remember and honor them, but it’s the thought that counts, you can say something like … “for those ancestors whose names I do not know, I honor your memory by living my life with good character and I welcome your wisdom”.

Always keep in mind that the amount of effort (intention) you place while doing Ebbos goes a long way in the effectiveness of the Ebbo.

Observation for Ifa diviners:

  • Otura Meji is the 13th Odu in the order of 256 Odu and appeared as the main Odu as well as for the Ebbo of “Tea and Cookies”.  The emphasis is in getting the most of the Otura Meji energy.  

Love and Blessings!  Javier Lujan {Oluwo Ifajuitan}  

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Love and Blessings!  Javier Lujan {Oluwo Ifajuitan}

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Words of Wisdom...

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The world is forever changing, if we

don’t change with it, we’ll get left behind.  Nothing sinister about that, it’s just the reality. The challenge of learning to adapt has always been with us since the dawn

of time. Adaptation goes beyond survival, it allows us to thrive,so don’t resist change, embrace it. This weekyou’ll find yourself dealing with =unexpected changes which will make you feeluneasy and unsureof yourself. Itreally shoulbe an auspicious time butwe don’t see it that * way because we’retoo worry about what’s happening around us.