Icofa (hand of Orunmila)

A in depth look at the events for the month that will provide you with the greatest opportunities to enhance your life and achievements. See how to handle this in the best way possible... Oluwo Philip Neimark uses ancient Yoruba African divination to determine what energies are in play for the month.
This month's Icofa Reading is brought to you by our long time friend Javier Lujan {Ifajuitan}, an Osun priest, babalawo since 1998, Oluwo since 2017.


Icofa Reading for March 2018

The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter, and the spirit heals with joy- proverb

The theme of health has been consistently showing up in past weeks.  In fact, the Odu for this month’s Icofa reading is “Irete Otura”, the SAME as last month, the only difference is that we turned the corner and now it comes strongly On Path (“Osa Meji”), ASHE!!! and benefits our Destiny ("Osa Ogbe").

As indicated in last month’s reading, we need to continue with a holistic approach to our health, it’s working! this means taking care of “body, mind and spirit”. We’re striving for peace, balance and harmony to promote healing. You would be amazed at how much our health is impacted by our thinking, and when you consider our busy lives and how much we’re exposed to violence and negative images (e.g. news, movies, video games, etc.), there’s little time for a peaceful moment to promote healing of our body, mind and spirit.

So, I will repeat what I said last month…

The body is nourished with good nutrition and moderate exercise. The simple act of walking and getting fresh air can have a significant impact on your health.

The mind is nourished through meditation, positive thinking, and reducing stress. Be mindful of your thoughts and note if your mind is not in the present. In other words, are you’re spending a considerable amount of time worrying about the future or feeling angry or regretful about past situations?

The spirit is nourished by love, good character, and forgiveness. Spending more time in nature will help you see the big picture and allow you to let go, forgive those that have hurt you, release stagnant energy that holds you back. Spiritual healing such as Ebbos, aura cleansing and chakra balancing can have a significant impact on the wellness of the spirit.

The Ebbo (“offering”) to Orunmila is Coconut Oil (“Ofun Okanran”). It symbolizes “resilience” and “protection”, the coconut tree is a hardy plant that grows in sandy soil and requires little water or upkeep. The hard shell protects it from the harsh elements. So, when making the offering, think about what it means, “resilience and protection”.

Light a white candle and place a clear glass of spring water.  Take the 16 Ikin into the cusp of your hands, share your breath by blowing on them 3 times, then bring them up to your forehead and silently say a prayer to Orunmila. Rub the coconut oil on the Ikin. Also, take some coconut oil and anoint your spiritual third eye (between your eyebrows) to protect your spirit, think “resilience and protection”.

Note: most people with an Icofa have extra Ikin, you can then do the same for the remaining Ikin.

The book “The Sacred Ifa Oracle” contains an incantation that is recited to clear and disperse the energy affecting a person suffering from illness or who have had a near-death experience. While saying the incantation, you draw the sign of “Irete Otura” in the ground in front of the person or you can draw it on the afflicted part of the body (e.g. heart, head).

The following is a translation from Yoruba: (Replace the name Awo with the name of the person)

Death does not know an Awo; heaven does not know a physician.

Death killed Olamba and worried the king of Ejio extensively.

It killed Eji-Ogogo-Agbebikopon wola.

The wind at the right side is troubling the coconut leaf violently.

The wind at the left side is troubling the coconut leaf violently.

Ifa was divined for Orunmila Agbonniregun, who was going to make Iku (death) and Ifa man. He chose Ago (excuse) to be a watchman.

The death that would have killed Awo today, give way, give way.

Awo is going, give way, give way.

Awo is going, give way, give way.

The disease that would have killed Awo today, give way, give way.

Love and Blessings!  Javier Lujan {Oluwo Ifajuitan}

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What is the Icofa?

People always want to know: "What is the purpose of receiving your Icofa?" The answer is: This single hand of Orunmila, which is EXACTLY the same for either men or women, is a direct conduit to the energy of the Orisa of divination.  The energy of Orunmila might be equated to the General Practioner in medicine - It is Orunmila's knowledge of all that was and all that will be, that imparts a tremendous insight and power to those connected to it.  Other Orisa are more specific in their areas of energy, more like the specialists in medicine.  Because Ifa is so intimately connected with balance in our lives, the energy and wisdom of Orunmila is essential to achieve this...for only this overview can place the various parts in their correct order.

As the years roll by, and they have definitely done so, I become more and more convinced that, other than dealing with those emergency issues of our life ( illness, legal problems, new job, new birth etc ), that we are best served by paying the most attention to the broader, longer range divinations that impact our lives.  First and foremost is your Life Path Reading, which is the template for understanding ALL future readings with the exception of Orisa or Ifa initiation. Second, would be the monthly indications of your Icofa.

Each month gives us an accurate idea of just how we should consider, act upon, and react to the events of our everyday life. Many times these events will seem to contradict those things we are attempting to do...but such is NEVER the case. These are the implications, in a broader sense, of the meaning of events as they impact, or could impact, your everyday life.





At the end of the day, I’m at peace because my intentionsare good and my heart is pure” – unknown.

Peace of mind is at the source our happiness so I’m delighted that the month of June 2017 brings the promise of improving health for our bodies and minds.  The Odu cast is “Ika Otura” and speaks of rebirth, reset or a fresh start. It signals a change in fortune (“Ose Iwori”), for the better because anytime we’re not stuck and are moving, we’re living life!... there’s a strong emphasis on health (“Otura Meji”) indicating harmony. The Ebbo (offering) to Orunmila is Fruit (“Otura Meji”). Whenever a reading calls for fruit, it’s a reminder to rest and enjoy the harvest. In the context of this reading, it’s signifies that an old cycle is ending and new growing cycle is starting up.

This is a good time to have some “Me” time - quality time by yourself to recharge your energies.

Light a tea candle and place a clear glass of cool water next to Orunmila. Take out the 16 Ikin in your hands, place the fruit in front of Orunmila and pray for inner peace and harmony