One of the next four areas we are working on:


The Osanyin figure:  A soft gentle figure emerging from earth approximately 30 feet long... with a giant human head - approx. 10 ft in diameter covered in vines and huge plant leaves made with irredescent colors in ceramic.

  • All types of moss and grasses and vines growing around the various areas of the figure to form the character of living with nature. Located right in the opening of the Osanyin wood structure that exists today. List of materials needed:  Steel for forming the shape; 20 sheets of wire mesh; concrete; ceramic pieces made by Oluwo Gabe; plant materials; special paints;  lots of labor time.




The Oya Mask garden:  9 huge carved wood masks on 9 stands dancing around the sacred Oya shrine.  Varied heights from 36" high to 15 ft tall.

  • List of materials needed:  Steel for bases and stands and mask supports for 9 masks; super large carved wooden masks (9); special feathers, ribbons, beads and bells;  concrete and rocks for footings on the installation...and lots of labor time.





The Yemonja/Olokun mosaic undulating mother figure:  15 ft long mermaid type reclining female figure that people can climb on and lay on as well to sit at the front right side of the existing sacred shrine devoted to Yemonja/Olokun.  This peice would be covered in colorfull small glass mosaic tiles.  

  • List of materials needed:  Steel for forming shape; 10 sheets of wire mesh; concrete; stain for concrete; colorful glass mosaic tiles and lots of labor time.



The Egbe Circle of Columns:  9 huge columns created by steel and concrete and coral rock...with masks of ancestor faces emerging.  One would walk inside them like at Stonehenge in England.  Feeling this giant energy of the Egbe (Ancestors) as one stands inside a full circle of columns with faces starring out. (located in the center of the gardens... adjacent to the powerful Ancestor garden vortex)  
  • List of materials needed: Steel rebar circular structures; concrete; stones; coral pieces; masks created by Ifa Priest artists from various materials and lots of labor!)